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We strive to cover all aspects of purpose, no matter how big or how small.

We want to publish stories that tackle difficult issues head-on, that recognize failure as much as success, and that constantly look forward.  Our goal is to capture the human impact, which we know is multi-faceted.

We named our publication Fuel and the Fire Iron because we share the passions of real people, as well as the critical knowledge, tools, and resources that keep the fire of purpose burning.

We accept submissions that fit the criteria below:

Your piece focuses on purpose.

Not surprising, but we want stories that in some way deal with purpose, whether that’s at a personal, organizational, societal, or global level. That means articles that address the future of work, humanity’s impact on each other and the planet, and ways we can improve as a species all count.

More directly, we also appreciate stories that share things that have worked and things that have failed as you’ve tried to become purpose-driven.

The pieces we choose to publish will tie into something that is vitally important to us as working, productive humans doing things that matter. It could be a current problem, it could be a facet that has been overlooked, or it could be looking at a known topic in a  new way.

Tell a story.

No matter the topic, we prefer articles that tell a good story. We look to publish pieces between 750 and 2500 words. Types of content include: articles, personal stories, intriguing interviews, research, useful how-to-better pieces, case studies, what-ifs, narrative nonfiction, short fiction, and adventures.

We will give preferences to those pieces that prove to be thought leadership in the space. Structuring content in three or four part series may allow for a deeper dive should your topic warrant it.

We publish on our blog and on Medium.

Our stories on Medium are intended to spark conversation and seek out a curious readership that wants to engage.

We will publish stories on the platform for which they are best suited. To have your piece included in our Medium publication, you will need to be on Medium.

Here are the logistics.

At this time, we are only considering finalized pieces. All submitted pieces need to be proofread and professionally formatted. Consider having a friend, colleague, or intelligent robot review.

All pieces will need at least one featured image. Please submit a high-resolution image and we will crop it for you. We retain the right to replace the image you submit for style consistency.  You may use additional media throughout your piece, but please make sure it is all included with your submission.

All pieces will include a photo and author byline. Our bylines are no more than 3 sentences long and can include 1-3 links.

Do not submit content that is promotional in any way. Any content that contains promotional elements or advertising will be rejected.

We will give preference to original content that has not yet been published or distributed elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean we won’t publish a strong piece that has already been published.

All articles must be submitted in Word format. PDFs will not be considered.

Have you been accepted?

Our response time varies, but if you haven’t heard from us in seven business days, please assume we’re choosing not to publish it. That being said, we do try our best to get back to you one way or the other.