Illumyne makes your purpose actionable.

Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Katie. I simplify big ideas into actions.

I’ve been working with purpose-driven organizations for almost 10 years. Many of the brands I have worked with have the potential to make a huge impact on society, but they struggle to communicate their value to shareholders, board members, and donors. They struggle because as much as they believe in their purpose, they don’t use that purpose as a way to guide strategic business decisions.

I started Illumyne to help bridge the gap between strategy and action.

We are creating a new report to help leaders track performance against purpose-based metrics, with an output as simple as the bottom line of a profit and loss statement.

This isn't about sounding good. This is about how you run your organization.




We’re here to make work meaningful.

We believe that purpose should be tangible and actionable. That means translating the aspirational into measurable points of impact that can be tracked year-over-year.


These are our values.

We believe that purpose should be simple and measurable. It should be used to streamline our thinking and maximize our impact. We are honest in our communications, in our opinions, and in our actions. We will foster a collaborative community that recognizes our ability to learn from success and failure. We will tell the stories of those on purpose-driven adventures and never lose the curiosity that causes us to ask ‘why.' Most importantly, we believe that work should be meaningful, and we do everything we can to make that true for as many people as possible, including ourselves.

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Katie Burkhart

Founder and CEO

Katie crafts strategies based in logic and driven by purpose, delivering critical perspective, focus, and organization while constantly distilling the big picture into simple, meaningful actions.

She started by founding KBurkhart & Co., a purpose-driven branding firm, and serves as the lead brand strategist and designer. She is also the CEO of Illumyne. She’s been called thoughtful, impressive, brilliant, and direct.  

Katie speaks around Boston in her areas of expertise which include presentation design, brand purpose, and entrepreneurship. She also writes content which has been published in FoundersWire, Boston Content, and The Startup. She serves on the board of Boston Content and is on the leadership team for Tomorrow’s Women TODAY.

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Igor Belagorudsky

Chief Technology Officer

Igor is a technical, hands-on professional with over 20 years of experience. He is also a serial entrepreneur, having most recently scaled Erecruit from a team of 3 to over 120 through several rounds of investments and to a successful sale for $62.8M. He is active in the Boston startup scene as a founder, advisor, pitch competition judge, and angel investor. He is a confident full stack enterprise architect in several technology ecosystems and a trusted leader and mentor of professional services and R&D teams in multiple time zones and industries. He’s a big believer in smart and transparent teams, open communication across the entire organization, and leadership by example. Outside of work, he is an avid skier, slow runner, decent hiker, and dad.

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Alissa Lew

PR & Marketing Advisor

Alissa has more than two decades of experience advising organizations of all sizes across a variety of sectors. She has worked with executives, boards, member organizations, and marketing teams around the world to broker strategic partnerships, mastermind integrated brand campaigns, and bring new products to market. By working with Illumyne, she hopes to help purpose-driven brands rise above the hype by better defining their value through measurable points of impact.

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Erin Scott

Mission Control

Erin Scott is a wordsmithing, engaged professional with decades of managing, editing, writing, and organizing experience. She’s bright, efficient, and dedicated. When she’s not working, Erin can be found reading, writing, working out, or exploring with her family. She’s always up for a new adventure.