Here’s what we can do.

Core Development

If you want to operate as a purpose-driven organization but don’t feel you have a good handle on your purpose, we can help. Our Core Development will help you refine your purpose, vision, mission, and core values. We support presenting the final versions to your entire community.

Metrics Design

Tracking impact is tricky, especially when you’re trying to dig into your specific purpose. You want to produce transparent, comprehensive results. We can collaborate with you to explore your purpose and your activities in order to produce metrics you can clearly track year-over-year.

Metrics Reporting

Once you know what metrics you want to track, someone still has to produce the reports. Working to pull these metrics directly from your finances as well as other sources, we can create monthly reports that show your progress and a clear bottom line. The reports come with a brief introduction to help you read the results.


You’ve always been a mission-focused company, but you’re not sure that you’re maximizing your impact. Our Assessment examines how you’re running as well as what strategies you have in place in order to determine how successfully you’re operating as a purpose-driven organization. We provide a formalized report at the end of the process so you know what to do next.

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