What does it mean to be purpose-driven?

Purpose-driven organizations understand that they should matter to the world, and that the world should be transformed for the better because of their work. But being purpose-driven isn't one specific action - it’s a way of thinking, a way of doing business, and a way of leading.

Organizations operating under this logic share a similar profile. Here are the key traits that set them apart:

PurposeDriven Profile Graphic-01.png

1. Purpose impacts every aspect of the organization.

The organization and its team work from a place of intentionality, actively connecting their efforts to their purpose. It is woven into onboarding and training programs, meetings, product and service development, and culture building activities. Brand and company become one in the same because the organization lives its values.

2. Purpose drives decision making.

Instead of looking outside for opportunities and financial gain to direct next steps, the organization establishes a position strategically based on what it wants to accomplish. The organization constantly intersects with its purpose - literally at every decision making point.

3. The organization focuses on the long-term value.

The organization is motivated by forces larger than immediate financial return, and business decisions are made based on what will best serve the purpose and provide lasting value. They care about the legacy they leave behind.

4. The organization fosters curiosity and continued learning.

Members of the organization seek out opportunities to think and to grow. They are excited to pursue, advance, and innovate what they do. In turn, the organization fosters these opportunities on a regular basis.

5. Team members take ownership of their work.  

They feel their work has meaning and strive for excellence. They also feel a part of the purpose and can tell their story in light of the whole.

6. Purpose is an ongoing initiative, from the top down and bottom up.

The purpose was forged not only by the perspective of the leadership but also by input of the whole team based on the greatest points of continuity.



Does your organization share these traits?

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