Illumyne makes your purpose actionable.

For those on a mission.

A new report. A new format. A new base for decision-making.


Purpose must be the lens for every business decision. It needs to be an interdisciplinary approach and part of your organizational DNA. It takes courage, but our actions today shape our shared future.



Make purpose-driven decisions

llumyne is a software platform that makes purpose actionable. We bridge the gap between your stated purpose and actions by helping you track meaningful, impact-based metrics tied directly into your finances.

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A new lens for your financial data

Finances are the clearest and most universal way to see how an organization operates. By connecting your strategic impact goals with your financial data, you have a new lens through which to view your activities and determine the mission-related investments that lead to progress and growth. 

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More than a marketing line

Our reports include an output that reads like the bottom line of a profit and loss statement, displaying the percentage of revenue directly tied to advancing your specific purpose. You now have a key metric that can be shared with your stakeholders in real time. Showing this point of impact alongside your other metrics helps you to build trust, which is essential.

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Help us create something incredible

Current reports aren’t designed for purpose-driven businesses or nonprofits. If they were, it would be easier to make strategic decisions based on advacing impact. Illumye provides a new lens for 21st century leaders.