CEO? Marketing Director? Operations Manager? Whatever you’re doing at your organization, it’s important that everyone understands each other. This glossary was created - and will expand - to enable you to communicate your thoughts clearly.


Mission is how you intend to fulfill your purpose and ultimately accomplishing your vision. It’s a strategy to deliver results by helping you to focus on what matters.


Purpose is your fundamental reason for being. It should center on the why: why you exist, why you do what you do, and why what you do matters to society and the world. Purpose makes an unknowable corporation empathetic and human. To be effective, it should be simple, inspiring, and able to stimulate change.


Weave components from your strategy, how you got here, and where you're going into a story that allows your community to get to know you. Remember to keep it authentic and human.

The Person

Provide a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, preferably based on data as well as actual experience. Your brand should be customer-centric, so deeply understanding your person will prove critical. Having this profile will allow you to focus your outreach, be more specific in your product development, and best develop messaging - in short, ensure that your work centers on what matters to your customer.

The Problem

Plain and simple: what problem are you trying to solve for your person? Regularly validating that this problem does in fact resonate with customers will ensure that you stay on track.

The Solution

Once you know the problem, you can then state exactly how what you do or provide solves that problem. Make sure you outline why it is the best fit for your person.

The Value Proposition

Take time to outline the specific value you provide your person as simply and humanly as possible. How do you make their life better?


Your values are what you believe as a brand. Try to keep the number of values reasonable so that everyone can get on board and live them.


Vision is where you aspire to be. It should state what the world will look like if you succeed in your purpose, outlining the impact you will make and the change that will result from your existence.


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