We help you align your organization around your purpose.

How it works - and makes your life better.

We thoughtfully designed our system to help you align your organization around your purpose. You can give it a home, make decisions based on delivering long-term value, and ensure that your actions match your narrative.


1. Record your purpose.

We start with a jargon-free, evolving hub to centralize your brand details. The information and files now live in one place and can be shared easily with everyone at your organization.


2. Get a little help.

We added notes for each component to make sure everyone knows what they are and how they might prove useful.


3. Share - with everyone.

You can share your purpose with everyone at your organization. Key notifications will keep you informed about any changes.


4. Make aligned decisions.

One of the traits of a purpose-driven organization is that purpose drives decision making. Use our simple meeting tools to keep your purpose front of mind when you determine next steps.


5. Tell your story.

New people join your team and need to be onboarded. You’re also out spreading the word to your larger community. Our story presentation makes it easy to download key slides that you can integrate into your other presentations, or take and run.


6. Put your purpose where you need it.

Purpose isn’t contained in our platform. It needs to exist out in the world where people work. We have started a suite of tools to help you spread the light, including things like an easy-to-print poster.


There’s much more to come.

We’re an early-release product actively working toward our official release. We invite you to be a part of the conversation that gets us there.


Try it out.

You can test drive our platform for 14 days to make sure it’s the right solution for you.